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Imperial Cars – Air Conditioning Re-gas and Repairs

Get your air conditioning back up and running

If you find your air conditioning isn’t working as effectively as it used to, or you are still breaking a sweat in the height of summer, then it might be time you got an air conditioning service. At Imperial Cars Chertsey, we provide air conditioning servicing, refrigerant gas refills, bacterial cleansing and repairs for all our customers.

Car air conditioning – more than just keeping you cool

It’s important to realise that your car’s air conditioning doesn’t just keep you cool during the few days of summer we get here in the UK. Your car’s air system is all part of one in the same, which means it uses the same components to keep your car heated in the winter too. When winter strikes and rain falls, our cars’ windscreens can become misty. The dry air released from your air system is created by the same components that make the air cool. Therefore, it’s more important than you realise to keep your air conditioning system working all throughout the year. It can impact on your safety and cause you to wait a little longer each morning before you can start leaving for work, school or wherever you need to get to.

When’s the best time to get an air conditioning service?

When it comes to an air conditioning service, it’s always best to check with your manufacturer’s requirements. This is to ensure your car works as it should. However, most garages and manufacturers recommend every 2 years to help refill the refrigerant gas and keep all other components within your system working. Without the gas, it can cause major damage to the evaporator, compressor, condenser and other components that help your air conditioning to work. If these break down, it can cost you a lot more in repairs than it would be to get a service every 24 months. What’s more, when you do get a service, its completed with a re-gas in addition to checking for leaks and blockages and getting a thorough clean of the system.

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Why do I need additional repairs?

If you’ve come in for an air conditioning service and additional repairs are needed, it may be that your system is showing signs of damage. This can be a lack of re-gas but also can come from leaks and blockages within the system. Any strange smells, condensation or lack of cold air coming out can indicate a leak or bacteria blockage and may require additional repairs if the problem has gotten worse. When running an air conditioning system that isn’t up to scratch it can cause extra wear and tear on the other components of the system. Not only that but it could cost you more in fuel. If you’re experiencing any issues or irregularities with your air conditioning and wait to get a service, it can mean that additional repairs may be required later on when you do come to a garage for an inspection. We’ll present you with a quote and breakdown of what needs to be done and with your approval, we’ll get the work done and get your car back to you as soon as we can.

Air conditioning servicing

When you get a full service for your car air conditioning, it doesn’t always just consist of a re-gas. It includes an inspection of all components of the system, We’ll check that they’re all working, make sure there are no major leaks and blockages in the system. In addition to this, our team test the refrigerant gas and normally remove any remaining gas so that we can test for leaks. Once we’ve inspected it and everything is in working order, we’ll then cleanse the system of any bacteria. After this is done, we can then refill your refrigerant gas and test the system to check everything is in working order. You’ll get a perfectly working system that won’t need a re-gas for another 2 years.

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