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Imperial Cars – Diagnostic Testing

Engine diagnostic fault reading

When it comes to having issues with your car, it can be really frustrating. Especially when you’re not sure what the real cause of any problem is. With Imperial Cars Chertsey, we can help take out the frustration and find a cause and solution to any issues you’re having with your car. Our engine diagnostic testing services ensure that all our customers receive quality care when it comes to faults and warning lights. If you’re not sure what the issues are or are worried about service and warning lights, then we can help you find the right solution for your car.

An engine diagnostic test tailored to your vehicle

When warning lights are displayed on your car’s dashboard, it’s important to get them checked out by a garage you can rely on. Diagnostic testing doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something major going on but can be an indication of problems that, if not taken with care, can cause major problems with your car. Warning lights are an indication that your car is requiring some extra attention, and each light can mean something different for each brand and model of car. Therefore, a diagnostic test is required which and read your system and identify any issues.

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What happens next?

Once a test has been completed by our team, our diagnostic scanner reveals codes specific to your vehicle that can determine the cause of any problems. Our team of qualified mechanics and technicians can then locate and determine an affordable solution to get your car fixed and running as it should. These codes are translated and then used by our mechanics to find the exact location of any issues and how they can be fixed. It’s an accurate way of diagnosing problems and ensuring we can find a solution without spending hours on labour find the problem. Once we’ve completed an accurate quote, we’ll let you know the damage and run the repairs, costs and anything else past you. We’ll answer any questions you have so you can fully understand what’s needed and therefore, what you’ll need to pay when all the work is done.

The latest equipment for all makes and models

We’ve invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that we can help and identify every issue for every customer. By using state of the art equipment, we can find any solution for new and old cars that help our customers get the right level of service they need during and after a diagnostic test.

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When it comes to booking your diagnostic test, it’s important that you get your car in as soon as a warning light comes up on your vehicle. That’s why we let our customers book online at any time to find the slot that’s best for them. We ensure customers are seen to as soon as we have availability. Call us as well if you need immediate attention for your vehicle, but we can’t necessarily accurately quote you on work until we see your vehicle and perform a diagnostic test.

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