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Imperial Cars – General Car Repairs

Quality repairs and aftersales for all our customers

After purchasing your new car, you’ll want to make sure that it’s taken care of during regular servicing and maintenance. That’s why we offer quality repairs and aftersales service for all our customers. We provide servicing, arrange MOT testing and can offer a wide range of repairs to meet your car’s specific needs. We’re here to look after you and your car so get in touch or book online for all your car repairs in Chertsey.

Quality, Quality, Quality

It’s really important that our customers find a garage that can provide them with the quality level of care we provided when you first purchased your car. That’s why we introduced aftersales care and repairs for our customers to ensure that they had somewhere to go they could trust. We offer nothing but quality workmanship, quality parts and quality repairs for your car. When you have a problem with your car or are simply looking for annual car care in the form of servicing or MOT testing, contact our team at Imperial Cars Chertsey.

Original equipment parts

We ensure that our customers all get original equipment parts or equivalent quality when they need repairs. At Imperial Cars Chertsey, we strongly believe in providing tailored parts for your car. This is so that your car drives as it was designed, maintains its value and, more importantly, lasts for longer. Using the right parts and lubricants can really make a difference to your vehicle and how it performs.

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Wheel alignment and tyre fitting

We provide laser wheel alignment and new tyres and fitting for our customers. If you’ve noticed your tyre tread is wearing thin or you think you’re getting a flat tyre, then let us know and we’ll inspect the problem. We can provide laser wheel alignment for each make and model to ensure that the wheels sit at the right angle for proper handling and to avoid uneven tyre wear. We can also provide new tyres suited to your vehicle at a range of different prices and brands.

Diagnostic testing

We offer the latest technology in diagnostic testing for your car to get to the route of any warning lights or electrical faults. Diagnostic tests help find the solution to any car problems quickly and accurately, meaning we can fix the problem and get you back on the roads a lot quicker.

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With Imperial Cars Chertsey you can book all your car repairs, servicing and MOT testing online at any time. Our simple to use tool ensures our customers can find a convenient time for them to quickly book their car maintenance. If you need any help or advice, you can always give us a call. We look forward to taking care of your car.

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